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Our Philosophy


We also believe in true beauty, inside and out! And part of that beauty is considering who makes a product and how they benefit from its sale. Nata Y Limón is a social design label that partners with indigenous weaving cooperatives in the highlands of Guatemala. Our goal is to empower women weavers through fair job opportunities, market access and by promoting their ancient weaving skills. We are dedicated to preserving this unique art form to share their stories and also the meaning behind this Mayan tradition of female expression. Time-honoured craftwork, the personal stories of artisans, mutual respect, and the fusion of traditional and modern designs — this is what gives our unique handmade products soul and beauty.

Handmade Textiles

Our mission is to create beautiful handmade fabrics that are beneficial to everyone.


Our fabrics are 100% made and sewn in Guatemala, as we want to create jobs where they are most needed. We work with three local cooperatives that strive to improve the lives for disadvantaged indigenous communities. With partners like us, they create economic opportunities and better livelihoods through access to international markets for about 150 poverty affected artisans.

Handmade in Guatemala


The craftsmanship of textile weaving is complex and very time-consuming. At the same time, the circumstances of infrastructure and production in Guatemala are clearly not on the same level as in our Western hemisphere. We personally know our weaving cooperatives and through regular visits in Guatemala we follow a cooperative approach to textile sourcing and therefore we are able to learn from each other.

Female Social Entrepreneurship
Guatemala Women Empowerment

A Valuable
Source of Income


Guatemala is a land full of colours, symbols and patterns — just three reasons why the preservation of its indigenous crafts and culture is vitally important. The art of textile weaving is mainly carried out by indigenous women in rural areas, and these women are among the most socially marginalized people in Guatemala. Providing them with economic opportunities and income will build sustainable futures not only for them and their families but also for their communities and future generations.

Working from home, they are still able to take care of their children and with the money they get, they are able to meet their basic needs of food & healthcare, as well as contribute to the education of their children. At the same time, they gain self-confidence and feel empowered as they are able to provide for their children.

Guatemala Women Weaver

Meet our seamstress Elvia

Big dreams, big family and always looking for income, Elvia decided pretty early to support her parents and 7 siblings. At the young age of 12 she started to earn money with different cleaning jobs, as attending school was no further option. During that time Elvia got fascinated with the sewing process and decided to dedicate all her free time to learn how to cut and sew fabric. Now at the age of 20 she is in charge of the whole sewing workshop of one of our partners and manages our Nata Y Limón orders. Looking back she knows now that she is capable of achieving her goals like everyone else, no matter the background.

“I know now that if I set my mind to it, I can accomplish anything.”


Fashion Revolution Who made my clothes

Vintage Huipiles


Interior and fashion products made out of used Guatemalan brocade, “vintage”, Huipiles are becoming a global trend. They are promoted as fair and recycled. Unfortunately this is often not the case. These garments are sold by Mayan women in times of great necessity. A fact we had to learn ourselves while being on the journey of becoming social entrepreneurs. The kind of business we are creating is surely not an easy one, but the only option we see in terms of promoting Guatemalan textiles is to create work for the marginalised Mayan weavers we partner with. Just one example of people worldwide, that through the effects of western colonization came in the situation of being dependent on collective empathy in the first place.

Vintage Huipils Guatmala