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Fashion has always been a big thing! Nowadays it seems so even more. There are countless of fashion brands, social media fashionistas showing the latest pieces, fashion designers and fashion shows. It feels like new collections are popping up every week. Zara even manages it to design, manufacture and ship a product in less than a month. Welcome to the century of fast fashion! But wait... also a warm welcome to the emerging and growing trend of slow & ethical garment production. It seems like there is a fresh and wonderful breeze of consciousness whiffling over our heads. We thought the fact that an increasing number of people are already embracing a lifestyle of mindfulness and the start of a highly important week ahead is a momentous occasion for us to throw out our very first Nata Y Limón blog post. So, please get your seats in the fully upright position and get ready to open your hearts & minds!

April 24, 2013 was a usual day for hundreds of garment workers in Bangladesh's Dhaka District. And even though cracks in the walls of the multi-story building had been noticed the day before, workers returned bravely to work. The building, housing the production of many clothing brands, collapsed the same day. 1,135 people, mainly Bangladeshi women, died and 2,438 workers got injured. Today is the 5th year anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse and 5 years since Fashion Revolution was born. A global movement calling for greater transparency in the fashion and garment industry! Annually we are reminded to raise our voices and directly ask fashion brands #whomademyclothes? – to end the cycle of faceless, painful production loops and bring back the stories behind our clothes.

"We need to know that as consumers, our questions, our voices, our shopping habits can have the power to help change things for the better."(Quote: FashRev)

Eventually we are also reminded to generally rethink our shopping habits and to consciously choose what we bring into our homes, as each decision we take has an impact. Work should not contribute to poverty and pain. It should be a way to get out of it. It's still a bit of a way to go, and sometimes not as easy, but we are quite thrilled to see so many different movements that promote a more conscious society and ethically produced products popping up all around the globe.

When we have conversations about Nata Y Limón and why we are doing what we do, our answer is simple: Our main reason is to have a positive impact on other peoples lives while living up to our full potential and being as free as possible. We want to give back in return for the privilege we received by simply being born in an area of the world with so many opportunities.

Nata Y Limón is part of a new culture of brands, that are redefining luxury. We believe in connecting worlds rather than separating. We believe in preserving culture, diversity and craft. And we believe that ethical textile production and premium quality work. Therefore one important mission of Nata Y Limón is to shine a spotlight on our female artisans from Guatemala, the master weavers and tailors of our beautiful handmade home decór products & accessories and connect you with their story. The beautiful lady on the picture above made your pillow. So attention please:

"I am Antonia Sac Guachiac. I live in the highlands of Guatemala and like all of my siblings I only finished elementary school. Similar to many other indigenous children in rural areas, I was forced to drop out of school to help support our family. I would have liked to receive more than just basic education but our parent's economic situation did not allow us staying in school for longer. They where unable to pay for uniforms, books and transportation. So from early on I helped working in the fields and took care of my siblings.

Weaving has always been a huge part in my life. I used to watch my mother weave when I was a little girl and was so excited when I finished my first piece of woven fabric. I am now 34 years old and I have two children. My biggest wish is to give them all the possibilities I never had when I was younger. I want them to live a life far from poverty and despair. Working for the local social weaving program, made me understand the value of our ancient Mayan craft of weaving. It gives me confidence to change my children's future for the better."

Indigenous women in Guatemala are among the country’s most disadvantaged group with limited schooling, early marriage, frequent childbearing, and chronic poverty. While many Guatemalans live in poverty, it is especially difficult for women to improve their economic well-being, particularly when they lack education.

It's Fashion Revolution Week! Be part of the biggest global movement campaigning for a fairer, safer, garment industry until 29th April 2018! Let's make empathy and caring fashionable again and think about the people behind the textiles we daily use to decorate ourselves and our homes.

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